the bismuth collection

The Bismuth Collection is a series of ceramic vessels inspired by the metal bismuth.


The stepped layers and blues, greens and yellows that are characteristics of bismuth are the inspiration for my vessel forms.


Bismuth is one of the ingredients in the type of glaze I use called in-glaze lustre. These glazes use metal oxides, which are fired twice, first in an electric kiln and then in a gas reduction firing where a chemical reaction takes place and the glaze transforms into a metallic, iridescent lustre. It is a difficult process and a single glaze can look different each time, making each vessel unique. 


Digital technology was used to make the vessel models and also to create tools to make plaster moulds for slip casting. The layered texture created during the 3D printing process was used as a design feature and emphasised through sanding certain surfaces to highlight the marks left by the machine. 

© 2020 by Alison Thyra Grubb

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