3d print workshop day 1

Day 1 of the 3D print and design workshop at Guldagergaard, The International Ceramics Research Centre in Denmark.

Earlier this year I applied for and was awarded funding by the Cross Trust to attend a workshop. I chose a 3D printing and design workshop in Denmark because I am interested in 3D printing and as Gray's does not have a clay 3D printer I would get to try using one at Guldagergaard.

The first day we were introduced to the 3D printer and for some people the drawing programme Rhino. As I was already familiar with Rhino and making objects in the programme I found this a little dull at first but as we got to try printing some simple forms it got really interesting.

I printed this small pot in a red clay that another student picked. Watching the printer extrude the clay was a fascinating process that I really enjoyed. I like that the print lines can clearly be seen and that there are some imperfections, I think this makes it a more interesting object as it is not perfect. I'm hoping to print some more geometric forms tomorrow to see how they look when printed.