3d print workshop day 2

Day 2 of the 3D printing and design workshop at Guldagergaard in Denmark.

The second day of the workshop was a little frustrating at times as I tried to get to grips with setting up my own prints and learning to mix the correct clay consistency. Many of my prints failed as I had mixed my clay too soft, with air bubbles in it and struggled to adjust the air pressure for extruding. These 2 failed prints show that the clay is too soft, not the same consistency, and the prints look sloppy and uneven.

The clay has to be mixed to a putty like consistency and spooned into the extruder tube without letting air bubbles into the clay, air bubbles cause popping and distortion as the clay extrudes. When printing has started on the computer the air pressure valve has to be adjusted so that a steady and even stream of clay is extruded. In the afternoon I remixed some clay to a firmer consistency and was able to make some more successful prints!

The first print shows that the clay consistency has improved so the lines are more defined and detailed but as the print got higher the base had dried too quickly and it moved as it was printing, throwing the top out of alignment. For the next print we soaked the plater bat in water for a few minutes to help the clay stick to it throughout the print. The second print is not as defined as the first was but overall I'm happy with it. I printed this shape in plastic at University a few weeks ago and I do think the plastic looks better and has more clearly defined lines than the clay print.