3d print workshop day 3

Day 3 at the 3D print workshop at Guldagergaard in Denmark.

The final day of the workshop was spent printing as much as possible. I carried on into the evening and printed a range of different hexagonal shapes.

I printed this shape that required an inner support structure that at first was widely spaced but as the shape grew the structure wasn't enough to support the print. So I changed the settings to create a denser inner structure to support the steps as they grew. This was a much more successful print after doing this.

I also printed a series of hexagonal vessels just so I could practice using the printer more. These were not particularly neat as I think the nozzle size was too small for the single line of printing that I set and the the printer kept distorting the shape as it jumped from one layer to the next too rapidly.

As can be seen in the bottom row of photos I think a single line of printing was perhaps not enough to support the overall structure. The line where the printer jumped from one layer up to the next can be seen and this is where the print gets distorted. I didn't have time to look into adjusting the settings to see if I could decrease the speed that the printer jumps from one layer to the next.

These are all the prints I made during the 3 days. The workshop was really hands on and allowed me to practice printing as much as I could. I think mixing my own clay, setting up my own prints and troubleshooting when prints went wrong really helped me to understand the process. I think 3 days is not enough time to really get some quality prints made and had I had more time I would have been able to adjust the print settings on a specific form and created some better quality forms.

Overall I enjoyed myself and the experience has made me even more interested in and enthusiastic about using 3D printing in general within my ceramics practice.