Black slip casts

The final casts I made were using black stain in my usual earthenware clay. I loved the glaze tests I did with the black slip, thought the results were mixed when I tried testing on the black slip cast tests.

I couldn't afford to buy enough stain to cast my big piece, it would take 10-12 litres to cast it, so I made what I could and cast some double walled vessels and some shorter vessels. I used the spray gun to cover a leather hard white slip cast with the black slip.

These are the casts after their first glaze firing and I love the way the steps and angles look in the dark colour.

I seriously considered keeping them like this but the whole basis of my project is lustre and iridescence so I felt I should still lustre fire them but the black slip is something I'd definitely like to work on in future. I think my forms could also work in just black or white, without the lustre, but not for this project.