hexagonal tests pair

I've been testing glazes on two different forms to see what my glazes look like on three-dimensional objects.

I thought it was important to test this because although my hexagonal test tiles show me glaze results, I found in third year that glaze results can vary when applied to objects. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a more sculptural object or a vessel and these forms show how the iridescent glazes would look on different angled surfaces.

The vessel was more challenging to cast as it has an inside plug that I needed to be careful of the timing of removing.

The inside of the vessel has surfaces that reflect light and the stepped surface is reflected in the flat surfaces. The range of iridescent colours in the glaze reflect around the inside of the vessel making it really interesting to look at. The outside angled surfaces of the vessel also shows the iridescence of the glaze.

The hexagonal piece also shows the iridescence in the glaze and the range of colours, it was much easier to cast but I don't find it as refined or interesting as the vessel.

I think the reflective surfaces within the vessel are an element I'd like to develop more.

*photo credit Fergus Connor