Mould making - test models

I made a double walled mould and a one part mould for the two 3d prints I made for my new glaze test models.

After some trouble releasing a 3d print from a plaster mould in Stage 3 I was cautious of the mould making process this time so I used a higher quality print for these models as well as rubbing a small amount of vaseline all over the prints. Both of these methods worked for me as both 3d prints released from their moulds.

The double walled mould was more challenging due to it's shape and small size. I used pieces of perspex that I cut to create hexagonal walls to pour the inside plug into. As I was doing this I realised that laser cutting a hexagonal wall in the same taper as the model could be a good way to neaten up this process of I make a second mould. The double walled mould has 2 screws drilled into the top of the plug and a wire attached to create a handle for easy removal of this section.

I will need to take better care for the next moulds I make as I partially warped one of the prints as I was pouring hot water over the plaster in an effort to release the print. A bit more patience and care and perhaps a firmer structure within the print may help with this for future moulds.