Playing with light

Back in March when I first made the bismuth vessels I was taking photos of them outside (lustre is very difficult to photograph and I found that the vessels looked best in sunlight) and I noticed that they created their own shifting light on the ground.

I found this shifting light that the lustre ceramics created really inspiring and started thinking about other ways I could use light or create light using lustre glazes.

The images below were happy accidents I made while putting together materials for a moodboard in my studio. Iridescent papers created these light effects when the sun shone directly on them. I would love to create lustre glazes that had this kind reflective light quality.

I started playing with the iridescent papers and the shiny notebook cover that were creating mini aurora borealis' on my wall and found that the colours shifts and change as you move the paper and the shapes distort and change size. Using iridescent papers in models could be an effective way of predicting which forms could reflect light and interact the best with sunlight.

I think looking at light and the reasons why specific materials or colours reflect or refract light like this could be an effective way of designing forms for my ceramic pieces. The patterns created through experimenting with iridescent papers could also be my inspiration for the surface patterns of my lustre glazes.