reflections on 4th year

As I come to the end of my fourth year I've been thinking about what I wanted to achieve at the start. It was important to me that I learn more about glazing, using 3D printing and that I feel more confident in my own style as a designer. I feel like I have done most of what I wanted to do and that I've found the personal visual language that I feel represents me as a ceramic designer.

The pieces that I made in my degree show collection and the design features I used are things that I can see myself developing after I graduate. I'm not saying that I'd make these kind of pieces my entire career but I feel like I can still further develop my collection. I'd love to make some wearable ceramic jewellery as I think my lustre glazes could be captivating while being worn. I'll know more when I have had some experience of selling these pieces about what sells and what might not so I will take this into consideration when thinking about how I'll develop my collection.

I'd really like to continue to develop my glaze research after I graduate. I have managed to discover many many new lustre glazes this year but I still feel like I have so much I have to learn about glazing and the lustre firing process.

I'd love to create some more 3D printed tools for using in my future workshop, I think it's a really powerful feeling to create a tool that suits a purpose that you need it to. I'm considering a masters that would allow me to develop my interest in digital technology and hand making but I think I need a break from higher education before I can reasonably consider embarking on further study again.

My goals after I graduate are to set up my own studio at home and to make work to sell to both galleries and the public. I'd love to be able to one day support myself through my ceramics.