The double walled vessels

The double walled vessels have been so enjoyable to make and also so challenging.

I sanded smooth the top rim and the bottom of the inside so the 3D printed lines were emphasised but after making the medium sized 3D print and how great a finish I managed to get on it through sanding I wish I could go back and sand the lines from the outside of the vessels. So, the outsides would be flat and smooth in contrast to the insides with the 3D printed textures.

It wasn't something I had the time to change but for my future 3D prints I'd like to think more carefully about using the sanded surfaces to emphasise the printed texture in other places.

The double walled vessels were challenging to finish to the high standard I wanted to because I would cap the bases of them with a slab of slip and the different dying rates of the vessel and base caused a lot of cracking issues. I managed to get some free of cracks by drying them out over a few days inside a plastic bag but there were still some cracks.

I might not use these moulds again in future because of these finishing problems. I would make a different mould that had another part that would be placed onto the base after most of the slip was drained, leaving a little to make a base. This method would have problems to though, as I'd need to make a mould without a spare, I prefer to use a spare because I feel I get a neater finish by trimming and cleaning up a cast this way.

I love the double walled pieces because they showcase the lustre so well and the reflections within them are amazing so I'd like to work on double walled moulds in future and get these problems resolved.