Aurora mug in mocha pearl

Aurora mug in mocha pearl


Handmade ceramic mug decorated with an iridescent lustre glaze in a rich mocha brown colour.  The interior is glazed in a clear gloss glaze.


Each mug is handmade in my studio in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


Height 9cm, diameter 8.5cm, volume 400ml (14 fl. oz)


The iridescent lustre glaze changes colour in the light and each mug has different colours making it a unique and beautiful object to drink your everyday tea or coffee out of.


I use a combination of hand making techniques and digital technology to make my ceramics.


I 3D print the models for my pieces and then make plaster moulds of them for slip casting, so I end up with an almost exact replica of the 3D print in clay.


The layered textures that are built up during the 3D printing process can be beautiful machine-made patterns so I try to emphasise these by only sanding smooth certain surfaces.


I finish and refine each cast by hand, and the wonderful nature of making by hand is that no piece will be exactly alike.


I glaze my pieces with iridescent, metallic lustre glazes which have beautiful colour changing qualities and each glaze is often totally unique.


Please be aware that all items are handmade using iridescent lustre glazes, which change colour depending on the light. Due to the unique nature of these glazes colours may differ slightly from the photograph.


Care instructions:

Not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. Please handle with care and gently hand wash in warm soapy water.